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Elevate Your Game with AI-Driven Betting Tips

What is Betai ?

Sports games data within TG

Get access to a summary of the most important data you will need to consider before placing a bet, well-organized and checked.

Highly-trained AI model

Our AI model is able to help you pick a decision when betting, from providing general tips about the game and what to consider, to providing mathematical predictions for various betting options based on historical data and the news related to that game.

All the statistics you would need

After chosing a game, you are presented with various statistics and data; H2H games, the teams form, injuries, etc ... All the data you will need without useless informations that would overwhelm you within your hands


BetAI will be available not only as a TG bot, but a platform (website) and a mobile app. This will allow us to tap into more markets, to not limit ourselves to just Telegram users.

Our Features

  1. Well-Organized statistics

    All the statistics you may need to analyze a game before placing a bet on it are well-organized and structured for you to read and decide, H2H games, injuries, current form, AI help and much more statistics.

  2. AI help

    Use our advanced AI model help to place your bet, the AI will read through the teams statistics generally, their current form, the news related to them, the importance of the game to both teams, and much more metrics to help you pick a decision.

  3. Over 150 leagues

    In the second stage of the bot, over 150 leagues will be available to chose from. Whatever you're only a fan of betting on the top 5 leagues, or you prefer the less-known ones, BetAI bot helps you with worldwide statistics.

  4. Odds comparaison

    BetAI bot checks the odds on different reputable betting platforms and recommends the one with the best odds to you for that specefic game.

Pricing Plans ?



Per Month

For the hobbyists.
  • Team form

  • Head to head data

  • Injuries & suspensions data

  • 1 Sport



Per Month

For the professionals.
  • Everything in Free Tier

  • Odds comparaison

  • Unlimited sports

  • Unlimited AI Predictions

  • Unlimited leagues

  • Early access to new features

Launch Bonus

Free access to all the bot features as a launch-gift for


Last touches before going premium



Initial launch

  • Corners, yellow/red cards and average goals are added to the bot
  • KOLs onboarding (twitter)
  • Sneak peeks of our website app
  • AI Predictions bot for the bets


7-21 days after launch

  • New Sports are added to the bot
  • More sneak peeks of the website app
  • Big announcement of the utility which is coming after the website.
  • Sneak peeks of our website app
  • Articles/SEO push.
  • Further branding/partnerships


30 days after launch

  • Betting is added to our website.
  • Announcement of the new platform.
  • Buybacks/burn with revenue coming from subscriptions
  • Mobile APP

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